Our History

The Penny, Short for Penny~Farthing, is the high wheel, big wheel, first ever bicycle that is an Iconic  symbol which   is truly representative of the 19th Century Victorian Era in British history.  It represents the most quiescent period of productivity, prosperity & power in the British Empire.  It remains a prestigious symbol of elegance, affluence & aristocracy during this period of very high morality.  It is the hallmark Icon of the growing popular long standing  British tradition,   ” The Tweed Ride ” and the chosen trademark of the Sean Julien Brand. The Penny symbolizes our commitment to bringing elegance, excellence & fashion to cycling … And to bringing cycling to You.

Our Vision

 Sean Julien’s Brand aspires to inspire a global community of cyclist,

Committed to the Ideals of Healthy Living, Social Cycling,

Charitable Giving and Genuine Cultural Experiences.