Argyle Pink/Yellow/Blue Cyclist Jersey

$120.00 $99.00

Your Argyle ” Summer Breeze Jersey ”  features  a  Fresh  array of  Pink / Yellow / Blue  diamonds  on the front of the Jersey  and a Colorful Line of Cyclists  on the Upper Back Panel.    It is  a Cheerful  Jersey for those Lovely Cycling days that reminds you  of your best Summer days.    This refreshingly cool  cycling Jersey will be among your fav jerseys when you just want to have that nice summer feel or ride.

*  Sleek Look & Clean Lines
*  Leisure Cut & Loose Sleeves for your comfort & style
*  Relaxed Fit
*  Quick Drying
*  100 % Breathable
*  100 % Polyester
*  Machine Washable
* Crafted from strong durable lightweight cycling material
* designed with the finest indelible Italian ink
* Select Jerseys with Breathable Mesh Side panels for maximum body cooling