Argyle Pink Cycling Bunny Jersey

$120.00 $99.00

Your Argyle ”  Pink Bunny Cycling Jersey ”  features  Soft Pink diamonds on the front of the Jersey  and a Sexy Pink Cycling Bunny on the Upper Back Panel,  wearing a Cute Cycling helmet and a Smart Bow Tie.  A  Must Have !  …  Trendy Sexy Jersey to bring out your most playful adorable personality.

*  Sleek Look & Clean Lines
*  Leisure Cut & Loose Sleeves for your comfort & style
*  Relaxed Fit
*  Quick Drying
*  100 % Breathable
*  100 % Polyester
*  Machine Washable
* Crafted from strong durable lightweight cycling material
* designed with the finest indelible Italian ink
* Select Jerseys with Breathable Mesh Side panels for maximum body cooling